Sets of archival records

The Archives of the Office of the President of the Czech Republic contains almost 1500 linear metres of archival records. A current overview with basic information on the archival sets is available on the website of the Ministry of the Interior in the central database of all archival sets stored in the Czech Republic.

The main and largest archival set is called The Office of the President of the Republic and is composed of records of individual presidents and their offices since 1918 when Czechoslovakia was founded. The nature and content of these records is based not only on the constitutional authority of the president in the specific period, but also on the personality of the particular individual and the position of the president and his office in the political system and society in general. The archival set contains records relating to the appointment of governments, ambassadors, judges, high state officials and university professors, the granting of pardons in criminal cases, the awarding of state decorations, the signing of enacted laws, etc. In addition to records delivered to the Office of the President from other authorities, institutions, organizations and even heads and representatives of foreign states, other highly interesting records include letters sent to the president from individual citizens (complaints, requests, resolutions and other messages). Due to the fundamental importance of the president in the constitutional system and society, the records of his office contain information on a wide range of stories, events, individuals, issues and areas of political, social, cultural and economic development. As such, the utility of this information is extremely broad. The archival records stored in the President's Office Archives are an essential source for political history as well as a unique source for social history, cultural history, history of mentalities and other similar matters.

Among the most historic valuable archival records stored in the President's Office Archives include the Decree of the Fuehrer and Reich Chancellor on the Establishment of the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia, dated 16 March 1939, the final political testament of President Emil Hacha from 18 September 1943 and the letter from the Czech aristocracy to the president concerning its standing in Czech society from September 1939.

Archival sets:
All our finding aids to archival sets are available in PDF on our Czech website (see "Archivni fondy a sbirky").