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List of the archive staff

Ing. arch. Michal Šula
Building plans collections 18th – 21st centuries
tel.: +420 224 373 685
e-mail: zc.darh@alus.lahcim

Mgr. Martin Halata
16th – 19th century collections
tel.: +420 224373404
e-mail: zc.darh@atalah.nitram

Mgr. Lenka Kluková
Collections of Metropolitan Chapter at St. Vitus
tel.: +420 224373389
e-mail: zc.darh@avokulk.aknel

Mgr. Tomáš Zubec
20th century collections, Research room
tel.: +420 224373341
e-mail: zc.darh@cebuz.samot

Mgr. Petra Ponzerová
20th century collections
tel.: +420 224373683
e-mail: zc.darh@avoreznop.artep

Bc. Anna Jenšíková
Reference Library of Historical, Archival and Art Literature of the Archive of the Office of the President of the Republic
tel.: +420 224373684
e-mail: zc.darh@avokisnej.anna

Martin Výborný
Research room - assistant