Date published: 30.11.-1

Study in the library

Internal researchers can get to know the collection before visit through the library catalogue that is available at the Intranet. Until recall external visitors can only access the reference library in the research room under the same conditions that are valid for the study of archival documents. The archive does not ensure loans from any other fond in order to study in the research room.


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The Archive of the Prague Castle

III. nádvoří

119 08 Prague 1- Hrad

fax: + 420 22437 3257




The research room of Prague Castle Archive is closed for public in 9. 7. - 24. 8. 2018.
Thank you for your understanding.

Before visiting our archive please contact directly the research room supervisor to arrange the date and time of your visit. Please contact us via e-mail, at least one week in advance.

We kindly ask the researchers to respect this arrangement!
Thank you.

It is recommended to send the request for the in house study in advance by electronic mail to a librarian of the Archive of the Prague Castle.