Date published: 28.04.2014





The Archive of the Prague Castle

III. nádvoří


119 08 Prague 1 – Hrad

Czech Republic


List of the archive staff:


Ing. arch. Michal Šula

Building plans collections 18th – 21st centuries

tel.: +420 224 373 685 


Mgr. Martin Halata

16th – 19th century collections

tel.: +420 224373404



Mgr. Lenka Kluková 

Collections of Metropolitan Chapter at St. Vitus

tel.: +420 224373389 



Mgr. Tomáš Zubec

20th century collections, Research room

tel.: +420 224373341



Mgr. Petra Ponzerová

20th century collections

tel.: +420 224373683


Bc. Anna Jenšíková

Reference Library of Historical, Archival and Art Literature of the Archive of the Office of the President of the Republic 

tel.: +420 224373684



Martin Výborný

Research room - assistant




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General contact information



The Archive of the Prague Castle

III. nádvoří

119 08 Prague 1- Hrad

fax: + 420 22437 3257




The research room of Prague Castle Archive is closed for public in 9. 7. - 24. 8. 2018.
Thank you for your understanding.

Before visiting our archive please contact directly the research room supervisor to arrange the date and time of your visit. Please contact us via e-mail, at least one week in advance.

We kindly ask the researchers to respect this arrangement!
Thank you.

It is recommended to send the request for the in house study in advance by electronic mail to a librarian of the Archive of the Prague Castle.