Date published: 28.04.2014

Reference Library of the Historical, Archival and Art Literature



Foundation of the Archive of the Prague Castle is closely associated with the construction of the reference archive library, which originated from the bookstocks of the defuncted offices. Throughout its existence it has been systematically enlarged due to purchases of new and antiquarian books, testaments, inheritance and donations of individuals as well as institutions. At present there are fourteen thousand volumes of specialized publications. The library houses a sorted collection of the art literature as well, which can offer approximately three thousand volumes of specialized, primarily foreign-language publications. The selection of thematic spheres of the library is focused on subject contents of fonds and collections administered by the Archive of the Prague Castle. External visitors can study just in house and they shall follow the Library Rules. The library is intended for archival practice, researchers, care of historical monuments, and other specialistic working compartments of the Prague Castle. The library catalogue is electronic since 1993 and can be accessed through the internal information system. It will be also available on the websites soon. There is an author and subject card index for the older part of the collection (an electronic version is coming). The library is registered in the records of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, so it is allowed to use services of the interlibrary loan system and provide them to applicants.


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Bc. Anna Jenšíková, , tel.: 224 373 684


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The Archive of the Prague Castle

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The research room of Prague Castle Archive is closed for public in 9. 7. - 24. 8. 2018.
Thank you for your understanding.

Before visiting our archive please contact directly the research room supervisor to arrange the date and time of your visit. Please contact us via e-mail, at least one week in advance.

We kindly ask the researchers to respect this arrangement!
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It is recommended to send the request for the in house study in advance by electronic mail to a librarian of the Archive of the Prague Castle.